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Monday, November 5, 2012

The Do's and Don'ts of Registration!

With registration just around the corner, we as peer advisors understand the stress and panic that may set in somewhere along in the process. So, we decided to put together some do's and don'ts for before, during, and after the registration process based on our personal advice. Hopefully some of these helpful tips will aid you in your process and give you some things to start thinking about and preparing for as your registration date approaches.

Before Registration:

  • DO clear any stops on your account before registering for next semester classes. For more details on which stops to clear on your account, view your myau.american.edu portal
  • DO remember to attend a pre-registration workshop and meet with your academic advisor to be cleared to register
  • DO know the course - Read the course descriptions of the classes
  • DO have a back up - If things change, it is totally okay. Allowing yourself the flexibility to change will help you be okay with whatever schedule you have at the end of registration
  • DO check out the professors – in your AU portal, go to academics and then click on Student Evaluation of Teaching to learn more about student’s past experiences with the professor and the class
  • DO NOT choose classes just based on times—It does not matter if the class is at the wonderful time of 11:35 or 2:35, if you are not interested in the topic or professor, it will be a dread to get up and go to class. Instead, choose classes based on your interests, even if it is an 8:55, you will be happy to wake up for that class
  • DO NOT visit a subjective professor evaluation website.  INSTEAD look at the Student Evaluation of Teaching on your portal-- Its a much more accurate evaluation system!!!!!
  • DO NOT prolong scheduling an appointment with your academic advisor for registration clearance.Remember that when it gets closer and closer to registration, your advisor’s schedule will be extremely busy!
During Registration:
  • DO remember that if you register for more than 17 credit hours, you will be charged for each additional credit.
  • DO know the section numbers—be sure that you know the number and section number; moreover, have other section numbers and times available in case the class you want is full or closed
  • DO email your academic advisor if you encounter problems or have questions about classes so that they can be addressed ASAP
  • DO NOT register for an Area 5 course if you have not completed your math requirement. You must have the math requirement fulfilled in order to take courses in that specific area
  • DO NOT waitlist first and then register – If you waitlist, say, LIT 101-001 and then register for LIT 101-002, the system will drop you off the LIT 101-001 waitlist. It is best to register for the open course first (say, LIT 101-002) and then put yourself on the other waitlist (LIT 101-001) Register and then waitlist!
  • DO NOT freak out! All will be well even if you encounter technical mishaps or realize that some classes are closed. Try your best and everything will work out.

After Registration
  • DO know that your schedule is flexible—If half way through your winter vacation, or once we hit 2013, you realize you want to take a different class instead of the one you signed up for (and you have checked that it fulfills your requirements, etc) go for it! You have from your registration date until two weeks into the semester to change your schedule
  • DO confirm your changes by checking your new schedule on the AU portal after registering for classes (or changing your schedule)
  • DO get excited! You just registered for your second semester as a college student, and all by yourself at that!
  • DO NOT drop an old class before adding a new when changing your schedule. This way, you will always have it as a fallback, if the new class is closed.
  • DO NOT panic! Even if things don't go exactly as planned, you will be okay. Email your advisor if you are feeling anxious. 
  • DO NOT neglect your email if you are on any waitlists – when a spot opens up in the course you waitlisted, you will receive an email (usually at 6 am) and then you have 24 hrs to register for the class. If you don’t check your AU email and fail to register for the class within those 24 hrs, then you will lose your spot in the class, so check your email!

As always, feel free to email your peer advisors at CASPeerAdvisors@american.edu or make an appointment to address any lingering questions about schedules, registration, or anything in between. We are always here to help! Good luck!

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