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Friday, December 7, 2012

'Tis the Season!

Happy last day of classes everyone! You are in the home stretch and will soon be able to say you have completed one full semester of college here at AU. With holidays and relaxation soon around the corner, right after those good ol' finals of course, us peer advisors thought it would be a good idea to give you some tips on studying and acing those finals as well as preparing for second semester.

December break is almost here and the air is filled with the holiday spirit, but first, we must  survive finals week! Here are a few tips on how to do so:

1. Create a Study Schedule: as you probably learned from Midterms week, you can't just study the day before the exam, and at the same time, you probably have many exams to study for and papers to write. So, the best thing to do to avoid freak-out mode and stress overload is to create a (relatively flexible) study schedule. Mark your calendar for due dates and exams, break down the things you need to do (chapters you need to revise, note cards you need to write) and assemble a tentative schedule for your finals week.

2. Study breaks: take 15 minute breaks every 45 minutes or so, and switch subjects every two hours. 

3. Study groups! 'nuf said...

4. Exercise and sleep: they are not just awesome study breaks, but they also help you stay sharp, allow you to focus more, and increase your memory. 

5. Eat right: while finals is oftentimes junk food craving time, make sure to eat right to help your brain function at its best and keep your energy levels up.Some good brain foods include nuts, dark chocolate, blue berries, fish, avocado, whole grains, etc. 

6. DRINK WATER! And no, energy drinks and coffee does not count...

7. Be happy for all that you learned this semester and get excited for a restful and happy winter break.

So, how do you get ready for another challenging and exciting semester? It's helpful to have a good attitude and approach towards tackling next semester’s workload. First, you should plan to work. When looking at your Spring 2013 classes, you need to estimate about how much time you can and will dedicate to each course. Secondly, as the new semester approaches, you definitely want to think about getting a head start on the coursework. As the new semester starts, try to begin assignments early, read ahead, and stay on top of your homework. Also, learn from your mistakes from this semester. College is a learning process and you will continue to develop into a even better student. After all, before you know it, you will be preparing for your sophomore year at AU. As a sophomore, I encourage you all to explore your interests a little bit more (if you’re unsure about a major) by completing AU’s General Education Requirements.

Your CAS Peer Advisors wish you all a happy and restful winter break and look forward to seeing you in 2013!! Happy Holidays!

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